A day with You.

April 4, 2010

one lazy sunday noon..he was in his condo working on his computer and i was in my apt blogging…when he suddenly pm me if i had lunch already..i said not yet..then the idea came up..why dont we drive to tagaytay and have lunch?….and we did. we drove to tagaytay while listening to lenny kravitz..had lunch at leslie’s….got lost on the way back to manila…we didnt notice that we’re actually headed to nasugbu…i teased him that maybe..he just wanted to drive a little longer ..
it happened just a month ago.
and now, we’re not seeing each other anymore..
and not even friends anymore.
i dont know if it’s right to say that i miss him and our times together.

oooops! got carried away with emotions…maybe it’s the effect of the holy week or something…:
really sorry>>

but it’s really nice to go to tagaytay and have lunch or dinner and go back to manila right after..
but honestly, it wasnt tagaytay or the lunch….but it was the bonding time….teasing while driving and listening to your fave music…
it’s nice to go on a long drive sometimes…. to have a break from it all.
goodluck! have fun!

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