“The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner”

My big favorite for this year’s CINE EUROPA! It made me cry, made me laugh, and most especially, taught me what to do when things get hopeless.

Aung San Suu Kyi

..talk about the price you have to pay for what you fight for. though this may be a threat to the junta; i just hope her release will be for good.

Burma frees Suu Kyi – INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos.

I don’t know what’s wrong with Mislang coz I was in Ho Chi Minh a couple of months ago and there were countless hotties/cuties, especially in Pham Ngu Lao and De Tham! lolz! (Disclaimer: a late post)

November 5 at 10:10pm


Hitchhiking in Brunei & Couch surfing in Malaysia

photo by phil_trophy

I just returned from Brunei & Malaysia and I am craving for Nasi Goreng and Teh Tarik. . 😦 lolz

October 13 at 7:48pm

Me: I’m sorry…our relationship failed.

Him: Sssshhh. We did our best. It’s okay now. Thank you for letting me have you as my everything.

LE BEAU MARIAGE ( 2010 French Filmfest entry)

The story is a bit feminist in a satirical way.
It’s very delusional.

And there is nothing to be disillusioned if there is no illusion

I actually like sabine. she’s a go-getter.
She pursued edmond and exhausted all her resources and ways, but when she found out that he’s not interested…she just shrugged it off and laughed at herself and her silliness while on the train and just moved on like nothing happened… like the train…no matter where it stops…it will find its way to the next station.

Will you marry me?

Will you marry me?

That’s the exact question he asked me the other night.

I did not know how to respond to that question. I did not want to say no, but I also did not want to say yes.

Oh yeah, I am a girl and just like every girls, we sometimes cannot make up our mind whether we want a stiletto or a wedge shoes.

Well, it may sound sweet and I should feel flattered.

But, I guess he just asked me that to simply make me smile or feel pleased.

It could also be half- meant like a joke.

Oh please! I know it’s so silly of me to compare his proposal to a joke and my answer to shoes. Forgive me.

But the mere fact he uttered those words, it means that he thought about the idea.

At least he cared to ask me. And I thank him for that.

2010 HotAir Balloon Fiesta

2010 HotAir Balloon Fiesta! After my ManSci class last Sat,we went to Clark to witness this exciting event.Watching those balloons,kites,and paragliders in the sky was truly amazing that it reminded me of my childhood dreams.D whole experience was a breath of fresh air;It was a delight to watch those kids giggle while they run around &observe the grown ups while they check their DSLRs while I was sitting on the leaves of grass next to him.Thanks to my travel buddy for the bold yet enlightening chitchat &I promise to do the passenger’s duty always!

(photos taken by internalmed)

A day with You.

April 4, 2010

one lazy sunday noon..he was in his condo working on his computer and i was in my apt blogging…when he suddenly pm me if i had lunch already..i said not yet..then the idea came up..why dont we drive to tagaytay and have lunch?….and we did. we drove to tagaytay while listening to lenny kravitz..had lunch at leslie’s….got lost on the way back to manila…we didnt notice that we’re actually headed to nasugbu…i teased him that maybe..he just wanted to drive a little longer ..
it happened just a month ago.
and now, we’re not seeing each other anymore..
and not even friends anymore.
i dont know if it’s right to say that i miss him and our times together.

oooops! got carried away with emotions…maybe it’s the effect of the holy week or something…:
really sorry>>

but it’s really nice to go to tagaytay and have lunch or dinner and go back to manila right after..
but honestly, it wasnt tagaytay or the lunch….but it was the bonding time….teasing while driving and listening to your fave music…
it’s nice to go on a long drive sometimes…. to have a break from it all.
goodluck! have fun!

December 19, 2009

I’m not sure why my idea of life s rather vague…

Maybe because i have a restless mind & a tortured soul?

AFTER DARK by HARUKI MURAKAMI tells me bout INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY & the price i have to pay for it, how everyone’s caught up in his/her own tentacles, & how to race my own shadow. I read this novel in1 sitting last night (i know,am an addict) & i guess tonight will be another sleepless night for i have another Murakami book sitting on my stairs.

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